Friday, 24 April 2015

How To Get Android on your PC

How To Get Android On Your PC

Now Play your favorite games Subway surfers, angry birds, Temple Run on your laptop So, you don't need to worry anymore when your smartphone runs out of battery. Today in this Article i'll introduce a way through which You can play android games on your PC.
The plus Point is it provides you real Smartphone interface and environment having support for Google play store.
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Install BlueStacks this is the best known Software to run android apps on windows. don't worry it will not replace your laptop's OS instead this emulator will run in a window looking like a tablet or smartphone. Installation is easy just like installing other software.
Download Your Software here: BlueStacks.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Is It ok even to be Abusive Online?

Cyber Bullying Effects Real lives

Cyber Bullying is Abusing Online, Threatening people on Social medias, discussion forums.

According to Recent surveys on Social networks , Blogs, sites where billions of people are connected and share thousands of thoughts in every second is in deed incredible and useful but on the other hand there are people who ruin a peaceful party.

Surveys reveal the dark side of people on discussion forums, It seems some people don't realize that their words can hurt someones feelings.

It usually seems to be a common trend now to abuse anyone online, some teenagers insult celebrities politicians etc. Using Slang words on internet has become common and people feel proud and Cool when they win an argument against someone and then use Slang words to make fun ,But reality it Shows up how nasty and rude manner less creature we have become.

Didn't it Scares you when you see where the worlds going?
there are teenagers threatening strangers and this rudeness seem to be gaining strength and popularity over the past few years.

Trolling is given the name of art in today's Society, its not funny some of the crazy pranks have even taken lives of people,  exposure of Vulgarity, rudeness  has increased to 200% in past few years and is increasing day by day. this isn't us, is it? then its a Shame!

Well in the end i would say we should look upon ourselves before pointing out others, no offense if any thing mentioned above hurt you do let me know i'll try to clear, thanks for reading

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

10 Authentic Ways To Make Money Online

10  Ways To Make Money Online

This is Part-1  there are More Scam free ways too i'll write in Part-2 Keep visiting or Subscribe to Emails.


Today every one wants to earn money from home over internet, because its more efficient easy no risks and you do work when you want.


Some people say earning online is not possible because they might have visited fake sights which ask you to click only or Something like that you should use your mind that what you are doing is it really worth some money? , if yes, then do that job don't fall for only easy work. NO!  there are ways through which people have made money and surely with some 
Here are reliable ways to make money :

1- Earn From your YouTube Videos

According to a recent survey most of the you-tube channel owners 

who are uploading videos regularly and have engaged at least decent amount of people  daily through views on their videos and channel subscription are earning a considerable bucks through Ad's. So if you think you have got some idea or you can teach something Start now on YouTube.
And when you have decent visitors apply for Google Ad Sense and start earning handsome.

2- Become a Tutor

Don't Skip this thinking that you are incapable of teaching students of school or college. If you are a university student you can surely 

teach students of intermediate level by revising the courses you have passes couple of years back, and can charge handsome fee which is affordable for your students parents as well few bucks less than others tutor can break chain making ways for you, so if you think you can do this give it a hit good luck!

4- Sell Your Photos

These days every boy/girls has high definition cameras taking unique pics. if you think you have got photography Skills cash them out by uploading them on: sites like

People are demanding for good quality unique photos and are willing to pay any price if the like it, So if you think you can attract them with your photography do it now.

5-Affiliate marketing

If you have decent audience on social media through Facebook pages ,Groups or if you have a website or Blog you can earn handsome money through promoting online 
 companies products, offers or services CurrentlyAffiliate-Program.Amazon program is the best option to go for, and the second one is AFFILIATE WINDOW.

Simply Sign up to one of the above mention affiliate program AMAZON affiliate or AFFILIATE window. Go thoroughly throw there offerings and terms. then grab a link and share it or integrate it with your Blog or Site getting clicks on it you will make decent commission.

6- Sell Gigs on Fiverr

I have a personal experience with FIVERR i made around $500 on it year back, it's a very good freelancing platform. one bad thing about it is that it don not promote newbies you will have to make your profile Reputation on your own by sharing your Gigs on social media, blog or website
The starting selling price of gig is $5 but upon time and your increasing reputation takes your 1-Gig = $40. you just have to gain trust of buyers there and decent amount of buyers.
IMPORTANT: there are other freelancing programs as well

You can Design and sell Logos Mobile apps , graphics , and many many typing jobs on these platforms.

7- Sell used course books 

For students this is the great way to free space on your house and on the same hand fill up your wallet with money. When you get 

promoted to next class sell your second hand course books to newly enrolled students.

8- Rent your car parking

If you have a garage to some extra space you are not using, give it

 on rent. These days of intense population and too many buildings people look for parking space desperately. advertise your parking space and done with it. start earning monthly some bucks better than nothing.

9- Start Blogging

This is what i am doing right now. Make blog start posting if you succeed in engaging decent amount of visitors daily apply for Google Adsense and start earning nice through Ad's on your site.
Search for Blogger on Google process will guide you from making and maintaining it.

You might have heard already that this work is about patience, dedication, hard work, and some skills it is 100% true and all these aspects are fulfilled if you start blogging on what you love, like write poetry,write about any genre you like and you think your viewers will love to read share and become your fan.


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