Sunday, 19 April 2015

Is It ok even to be Abusive Online?

Cyber Bullying Effects Real lives

Cyber Bullying is Abusing Online, Threatening people on Social medias, discussion forums.

According to Recent surveys on Social networks , Blogs, sites where billions of people are connected and share thousands of thoughts in every second is in deed incredible and useful but on the other hand there are people who ruin a peaceful party.

Surveys reveal the dark side of people on discussion forums, It seems some people don't realize that their words can hurt someones feelings.

It usually seems to be a common trend now to abuse anyone online, some teenagers insult celebrities politicians etc. Using Slang words on internet has become common and people feel proud and Cool when they win an argument against someone and then use Slang words to make fun ,But reality it Shows up how nasty and rude manner less creature we have become.

Didn't it Scares you when you see where the worlds going?
there are teenagers threatening strangers and this rudeness seem to be gaining strength and popularity over the past few years.

Trolling is given the name of art in today's Society, its not funny some of the crazy pranks have even taken lives of people,  exposure of Vulgarity, rudeness  has increased to 200% in past few years and is increasing day by day. this isn't us, is it? then its a Shame!

Well in the end i would say we should look upon ourselves before pointing out others, no offense if any thing mentioned above hurt you do let me know i'll try to clear, thanks for reading

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