Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Format USB and Remove All Errors in One Go Using Command Prompt

How To Format USB using Command Prompt ( Clean MBR )

  • Facing slow transfer speeds? 
  • Unable to make USB boot-able for installing windows?
  • Facing errors which seems like is virus but it's not?

Today our main focus is on how to format USB properly.
There are number of Factors on which performance of USB pen-drive depends Read Our article on " Link of Speeding up USB "

OK! you must ask: Why Format through Command Prompt?
You should kept this in mind that still some stains of corrupt data remains in the USB after formatting it through windows defined procedure.

Lets get Started!
Follow steps below an show your friends how smart you are:

1- Go to > Search > for Command prompt.

2- Open Command prompt as Administrator > and type diskpart

3- type list disk  >Press enter after every time you type

4- type select disk and number of your USB disk( like select disk 1)
   NOTE !  be careful in selecting disk don't select your hard drive accidentally to avoid this see size of your selected disk.

5- type clean

6- type create partition primary

7- type Select partition 1

8- type active

9- type format quick fs=fat32

10- type assign

11- type exit to exit the diskpart utility

12- type exit to close command prompt

Done! Now If you check properties of your USB there will be 0 bytes used Space and MBR of USB is cleaned as well.

 Now you can easily make your USB Bootable with no problems. 

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