Tuesday, 3 March 2015

8 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With Google

8 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With Google

1- Type "Google gravity" and see what happens

2- Use Google as a Scientific Calculator
    or you can also use it as "Tip Calculator"

3-Play a Game: Search for"Atari Breakout" on Google images Search and enjoy!

4- Type "Zerg rush" and play with broken falling Search results.

4- Tired of Seeing Google Sitting.. Give it a Roll :)
Just Type "Do a barrel roll" and you will See!

5- Get Information about Flights Departure and Arrivals Timings

6- Use Google as a Quick Converter for almost everything
   i.e  from\ Pound - Kilo's , Height from Meters to cm etc.

7- Use it as a Translator n Chat with your French buddy on Facebook.
8- No need to install weather forecast apps anymore, Google can Tell you Weather from all over the World.

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