Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 Fun Ways To Practice Your Coding Skills

Hello and welcome its been a while since i have posted a new article i was on a project but now i'm back so get ready for some mind blowing technology news, tips and tricks. Well lets get started with how you can sharpen your programming skills.
If you are a student of computer science just started learning coding and want to be a good programmer you have come to right post. In this post we will take a view of sites using which students from all over the world are learning latest programming and technical skills.
The first one on our list is:

CODEWARS - Sharpen Your Skills Through Challenges

You Will Learn:   javaScript, Ruby, Python, CoffeeScript, Haskell, Clojure.

This site is really making difference in teaching methodologies i can tell you from my personal experience. A student of science must give it a hit. You might not be familiar with all the languages but that's not the problem in fact it's variety and beauty of the field you have just stepped in. Just Stick to the one you find interesting and useful.
Fighting against an opponent gives you room to work in better and faster way, that's how mechanism of CODE-WARS works. It's a Platform for programmers to improve and scale their daily learning skills.

DASH - Perfect o For web designers

You Will Learn: CSS, HTML, javaScript.

Through fun projects in your browser you will learn something essential in building websites. Do you know more than 1 million new sites come online every week so here imagine how much jobs are available there in market for web developers/designers. Every new business startups, companies, organizations require a attractive, effective interfering official website to be developed, designed and maintained to get going in this era of Global Market.
You got the point future web designer give it a hit.

Programmr - Learn What You Love

You Will Learn:   19+ tech from SQL to Android, IOS, Ajax, C#, C++, Games, HTML, PHP, Java, JQuery and much more..

Basically Programmer is a simulator for learning and testing coding skills the platform is so versatile it covers almost all the building block require for any platform whether its android, IOS, Web, Structured programming, java, database etc.
Programmr makes it fun and mind catching through there coding challenges and interesting motivational exercises. On site according to our latest count more than 5000+ project have been completed.
You get gifts, Award for solving specific problems too here.

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