Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Microsoft introduce's Holographic Technology

Microsoft HoloLens Will Change The Way You See World

This amazing technology will bring new era in technology field, it' will be Fun to Play Games or watch Movies in Real world in front of you close to your arm, but it will also be useful for work. 

Designing apps , Building architecture, be on a place you have never visited before, it's all possible with Microsoft's first time ever Digital Reality HaloLens. see and imagine How cool the pic is below. video link is given at the end. enjoy dreaming of your favorite games or movies comes to reality, i will be launched with windows 10.
Cost is not yet known but product is almost final.  

Link to Video: on YouTube is:

Link to video of First view Of Microsoft HaloLens is below: watch it 

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Monday, 30 March 2015

How to Access Blocked Sites easily in no time

Access restricted Sites in seconds when you want

People these days use proxies to open blocked sites but this is not the convenient way to surf the web and also the sites opened through proxies lack essential features ,So today i'll tell you how to open restricted sites in your area through genuine way.

This works with Google Chrome.  follow through pictures

Go- to Google  type in :  Zenmate  and Hit Enter
you will see this:  Go to first result of Chrome web store.

Clicking on above result will direct you to Chrome store where you'll see this just Click on "ADD TO CHROME "  it will take a second!

After adding it to your Browser click on it's Icon Sign up for it.

 Enjoy unlimited Access to restricted sites in your area, have a Nice day.
Select any location you want!

It's benefits:

it will not slow down your browsing like other software's do and proxies

second it will open original sites like they were before when not blocked, so enjoy the genuine stuff,
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Launch Your Task-bar Programs Without Clicking them !

Launch Your Task-bar Programs Without Clicking them !

Amaze your friends by showing them COOL computer tricks.
Also this trick is very useful when you can;t use your Mouse-Pad you can simply use your keyboard to Launch your Google Chrome , VLC media player , Calculator , Skype or any thing you have pinned to Task-bar, isn't that amazing :)

every program to the right of start button has a unique numerical value assigned for example in the above picture internet explorer is at place ' 1 ' , Google chrome is at ' 2 ' and So on... 
Pressing the windows Key + the number of program to the right of Start button launches that Program
e.g:  pressing WIN key Plus ' 2 '  will launch Google-Chrome !!!

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Use Your USB as RAM In PC

How To Use USB as RAM in Your PC and Increase It's Performance!!

Want Smooth PC performance ? No Problem! Today i'll tell you How you can maximize your PC performance by Using your USB Pen drive as a RAM. 

Just Follow Simple Steps and Enjoy the Games which Require Higher Ram!! in Recommended High Settings. 
Go through the pictures i have given below for your easiness.

1- Plug in Your USB Drive. Go to it's Properties

2- Click on-  ReadyBoost  option as Shown in Screen shot below!



3- Check " use this device" and Apply !! Enjoy

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Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Find Your Android IF Lost (In Silent Mode)

Hello everybody! ln my recent post i wrote about How to make your PC Fast in 3 Easy Steps Upon request of people who are facing problems in computer processing speed or browsing if you think your computer is running slow? read my previous article i hope it will help much.
So Today i'm gonna tell you HOW YOU CAN FIND YOUR LOST ANDROID which you have placed somewhere around and forgot and it's on the silent mode so calling on it will not be of any use, DON'T WORRY we will find out you android faster than you think, lets go!

Steps To Follow:

1- Go to Android Device Manager Through Google in your Desktop/Laptop Browser, use link here to reach there directly: Android Device Manager.

2- Login with the Gmail Account you have for Google play store on you smartphone (the account to which your device is activated). that's it you have done it Simple! Lets follow few more steps.

3- There You will 3 options i.e: Ring , lock and Erase Also you will see your device name and latest log in detail.

4- Simply Click on Ring , your device will ring and you will find-out easily where it is!! Cool right. Share this with your friends on Facebook , twitter etc 
thanks for reading :)

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Muslim Superhero series 'Buraaq' Rise of a New Hero

Muslim superhero series 'Buraaq'  Rise of a New Hero.

Buraaq is going to be a first Super Hero series which aims to dispel myths about Islam.
The series narrates the story of Yousaf Abdullah , a guy who happens to be regularly practicing Muslim living in fiction city "Nova" he aims to stop injustice in society using his incredible abilities of strength, flying in skies with lightning speed and showing his power in fighting makes him a Super hero and praying regularly makes him a Muslim super hero and this is what it's about. upcoming Muslim hero "Buraaq- Rise of a new Hero".

The Soundtrack is in English version along with an Urdu version narrated by junaid jamshed.

Why is it a great way to show the world who real Muslims are?

In past few years Muslims are thought to be terrorists, especially after 9/11 we have seemed to losing our identity. That's why we have a strong urge to use our artistic skills and produce something inspirational for Muslim youth and other peoples of the worlds as well and to remove these falacies about ISLAM..

The Creators are currently running a promotional campaign to gather an audience
Below is the Link to BURAAQ official trailer.

                                  Trailer " BURAAQ- Rise of a new Hero"

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sony's Virtual reality Helmet set to hit in 2016

Sony has revealed an upgraded version of it's virtual reality helmet to be released in 2016.

The new edition will feature in OLED display rather than an LCD. Which will show vibrant picture with perfect colors.  It will show graphics at 120 frames per second.
This has a step above the HTC's recently releases headset

Higher frame rates are gefinitely important because the will give trandlate into higher responsiveness of game environment.
The Screen resolution remains at 1080p high definition , providing 960 pixels by 1080 pixels per eye.

But the issue is  , will the helmets be affordable. The early adopters will pick one and pay whatever price, but higher price will limit sales for mainstream gamers.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

8 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With Google

8 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With Google

1- Type "Google gravity" and see what happens

2- Use Google as a Scientific Calculator
    or you can also use it as "Tip Calculator"

3-Play a Game: Search for"Atari Breakout" on Google images Search and enjoy!

4- Type "Zerg rush" and play with broken falling Search results.

4- Tired of Seeing Google Sitting.. Give it a Roll :)
Just Type "Do a barrel roll" and you will See!

5- Get Information about Flights Departure and Arrivals Timings

6- Use Google as a Quick Converter for almost everything
   i.e  from\ Pound - Kilo's , Height from Meters to cm etc.

7- Use it as a Translator n Chat with your French buddy on Facebook.
8- No need to install weather forecast apps anymore, Google can Tell you Weather from all over the World.

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Now you can Fly using Coca-Cola bottles watch these Crazy Boys

Now you can Fly using Coca-Cola bottles watch these crazy Boys

Watch this man flying. he tied bottles upside down to his Legs and here goes the Jet!! this is Awesome... I'm going to try it

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

5 Best Java IDES for Java Programmers


This is an essential article for Computer Science students.If you have started coding you must choose the best compiler for developing any kind of Application/Program, So today i'm sharing some very useful key features of 6 Best Java IDES. No-matter how good you are at Coding a user friendly Compiler can boost your taste of programming in a whole different way, So stick with me and go through these Compilers if you want to be a Quick and more efficient programmer among your friends. Good Luck! 

1- Netbeans The Smarter/faster and advanced way to Code

Netbeans is a integrated developing environment Java, C.C++, PHP ,HTML but especially for JAVA i have a personal experience with Netbeans in Java.I'll recomend this to all students and expert developers.So far this is the Best IDE a develop[er can get, But as we know not all people have same taste,So there are other very succesfully rated compilers as well, which we will reveal below
Download it here:Netbeans

2- Ecipse . One the most Popular Programming IDE.

Just like netbeans it has a feature of Code auto-completion,which saves time and effort. Eclipse is open Source to let users contribute to both desktop and web IDES creating their own plug ins to customize eclipse.In this way Eclipse is fulfilling specific user needs.This is one of the reasons it is loved by Coders!
Download it here: Eclipse

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3- InteliJ.  The Intelligent One

 Although it is the most intelligent Java IDE but,Unlike Netbeans and Eclipse it is not free and Open Source.It is famous of catching errors in Code during editing, this saves programmers hell of time and increases productivity 2 times then with anyother compiler. but yeah it's not free you have to purchase it. i'll recommend this to most expert Developers not students.

Download it here: Intel-iJ

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4- Android Studio  Jumping into Android Programming through Java.

Google has blessed us with this IDE that is based on InteliJ it is especially designed for Android developments. this IDE can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. i'll recomend this to android games/apps developers  Download it here: Android Studio

5- Blue-J  For beginners, has also proved it's Class!

Blue-J is popular among who are new to programming, With its simple and user friendly interface newcomers get attracted and this is the most sweet thing about it. 
Download it here: Blue-J

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