Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How To regain 7 GB disk space after upgrading to windows 10

If you are wondering how come we will free that huge space? well the answer is simple we will delete previous windows installations on your pc which are useless after upgrading to windows 10 in the process below.

As you have upgraded to windows 10 you definitely want to try new apps and games,You also know you can't stop win updates in windows 10. If you don't think so your hard drive has enough space for that new gear and windows updates this guide will help you make some room for installing all that stuff you are eager to try by freeing up more than 7 GB space.

Lets Get Started:

1- Start typing Disk Cleanup " in windows search
    open it and select the drive on which you have your OS installed.

2-  Select Drive for me that is Drive C: which has windows installed on it.

3- Click on "Clean System files " Select the drive again if it asks you to:

4- You see now you can free upto 7 GB space by clicking ok and delete those previous windows installations:

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