Thursday, 26 February 2015

4 Google Chrome extensions a Developer must know

1- Firebug Lite for Google Chrome.

fire bug is a tool to be used in conjunction with these chrome developer tools. Fire bug Lite provides the rich visual representation we are used to see in firebug when it comes to HTML elements and Box model shading. It provides also cool features like inspecting HTML elements with your mouse and live editing CSS properties. So go ahead and install it from this 

Download link :

2- Speed Tracer

If you are a web developer then you will love this. It is a tool with the help of which you can identify and fix problems in your web applications. it is available as chrome extension.
Speed Tracer provides you a better picture of where time is being spent in your application, which includes problems caused by JavaScript execution ,CSS layout , timer fires, XMLH requests call backs etc
Download it here: Speed Tracer

3- Stylebot

If you want your webpages to look more fresh and attractive you need to manipulate CSS on the fly and see the behaviour live. Stylebot lets you manipulate the appearance of any website with customs CSS. You pick an element and choose any changes you want to make from the editor. You can change the front ,Color margins, visibility and a lot more.

Download it here: Stylebot

4- PageSpeed insights

This is the most interesting tool for web developer by Google. The PageSpeed insights is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to evaluate the performance of your web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

Download it here: PageSpeed insights

I Hope you Liked these tools if you know any other mention in comments i will be glad to update the list , thank you.

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