Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Play Multiplayer PC-Games with your friends using your Smartphones WIFI-HOTSPOT.

Games Famous in Multiplayer Playing Like:
> FiFa 07 /08/09/10/11
> Need for speed most wanted / Underground etc
>Call of DUTY  & Counter Strike
> can be played through the method which i'm going to tell you.
and many many more which have LAN mode in there


It's really simple !! follow these easy steps
> got to your Smartphones Settings.
> then wireless Connectivity Settings and Switch Wifi Hotspot !

>Configure it means : set its name and Set Security key.
>it's Done!      
>Now just open you Laptops and connect to the network you have just created.
> Congrats! you are Done !!

Now start any same game which you have on both laptops and to to its LAN mode  one will create a Room and other will join.. PLAY ENJOY !!!
more players can also join by connecting to that network you have created !!

have a Nice day friends !! stay in touch for more !!!

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