Monday, 30 March 2015

How to Access Blocked Sites easily in no time

Access restricted Sites in seconds when you want

People these days use proxies to open blocked sites but this is not the convenient way to surf the web and also the sites opened through proxies lack essential features ,So today i'll tell you how to open restricted sites in your area through genuine way.

This works with Google Chrome.  follow through pictures

Go- to Google  type in :  Zenmate  and Hit Enter
you will see this:  Go to first result of Chrome web store.

Clicking on above result will direct you to Chrome store where you'll see this just Click on "ADD TO CHROME "  it will take a second!

After adding it to your Browser click on it's Icon Sign up for it.

 Enjoy unlimited Access to restricted sites in your area, have a Nice day.
Select any location you want!

It's benefits:

it will not slow down your browsing like other software's do and proxies

second it will open original sites like they were before when not blocked, so enjoy the genuine stuff,
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 have a nice day :)

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