Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Find Your Android IF Lost (In Silent Mode)

Hello everybody! ln my recent post i wrote about How to make your PC Fast in 3 Easy Steps Upon request of people who are facing problems in computer processing speed or browsing if you think your computer is running slow? read my previous article i hope it will help much.
So Today i'm gonna tell you HOW YOU CAN FIND YOUR LOST ANDROID which you have placed somewhere around and forgot and it's on the silent mode so calling on it will not be of any use, DON'T WORRY we will find out you android faster than you think, lets go!

Steps To Follow:

1- Go to Android Device Manager Through Google in your Desktop/Laptop Browser, use link here to reach there directly: Android Device Manager.

2- Login with the Gmail Account you have for Google play store on you smartphone (the account to which your device is activated). that's it you have done it Simple! Lets follow few more steps.

3- There You will 3 options i.e: Ring , lock and Erase Also you will see your device name and latest log in detail.

4- Simply Click on Ring , your device will ring and you will find-out easily where it is!! Cool right. Share this with your friends on Facebook , twitter etc 
thanks for reading :)

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