Friday, 6 March 2015

Muslim Superhero series 'Buraaq' Rise of a New Hero

Muslim superhero series 'Buraaq'  Rise of a New Hero.

Buraaq is going to be a first Super Hero series which aims to dispel myths about Islam.
The series narrates the story of Yousaf Abdullah , a guy who happens to be regularly practicing Muslim living in fiction city "Nova" he aims to stop injustice in society using his incredible abilities of strength, flying in skies with lightning speed and showing his power in fighting makes him a Super hero and praying regularly makes him a Muslim super hero and this is what it's about. upcoming Muslim hero "Buraaq- Rise of a new Hero".

The Soundtrack is in English version along with an Urdu version narrated by junaid jamshed.

Why is it a great way to show the world who real Muslims are?

In past few years Muslims are thought to be terrorists, especially after 9/11 we have seemed to losing our identity. That's why we have a strong urge to use our artistic skills and produce something inspirational for Muslim youth and other peoples of the worlds as well and to remove these falacies about ISLAM..

The Creators are currently running a promotional campaign to gather an audience
Below is the Link to BURAAQ official trailer.

                                  Trailer " BURAAQ- Rise of a new Hero"

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